Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Missing you Vancouver

Some things are just amazing. Here are some pictures of 6 women from Vancouver, Washington (along with the women in Arlington, Texas) that are parts of churches that have never met until February 2006. The amazing part is that instantly we were like family. Here's 12 to 15 women all in agreement on one thing and that's the Lord. These women come from different backgrounds, different age groups, different religious upbringings, different hobbies, different ages of children. Yet what binds them together... no, draws them to one another is the love of a living, breathing, holy Lord. A Lord and creator found inside of one another. The whole weekend was full of discovery. We learned names and habits and likes and dislikes of one another. We ate and slept, laughed and cried, stepped into unexplored territory together. And when they were gone... it was like there was part of ourselves missing. I hope that some day soon the sisters in Arlington can go to Vancouver and for a short time to be reunited with our missing parts.

Love to all of you. Wish you were here. All praise to our Amazing Lord, Jesus!