Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just thinking

Recently I've been thinking about relationships and how they work. Mostly I've looked at the Father and the Son's relationship with each other. They are so in love with one another. Everything the Father made, He created out of His Son, by His Son and for His Son. So everything we see with our eyes is something made by the Father for the Son. Why? Because God is so crazy in love with His Son, Jesus.

On the other side of the relationship, I see that Jesus said and did nothing of Himself. He only did what His Father told Him to do, and said only what His Father told Him to say. Why? Because Jesus is so crazy in love with His Father.

These are things that I have known with my mind for a long time, but suddenly I know them with my heart.

Now when I'm having someone over for coffee, I think "I want this to be the best coffee this person has ever had, because my Lord lives in her/him". "What else can I do to make this person's visit with me better?" "How can I make this person feel special?" My relationships are changing because of a revealing of Jesus to me. I see Their relationship as one I want to reflect.

Lord make me your mirror.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Keep Them Coming Lord

This morning I spent time with the Lord. Just loving Him, nothing else. Well besides drinking my morning cup of coffee. This is what I saw. I found Him in my cup. He is the cup, all white and pure without blemish. I found Him in my hands, they belong to Him. I found Him in my coffee. He stimulates me... He causes me to breath Him in as my heart pumps Him throughout my body. I found Him in the wood grain on the table... He carves those patterns in the wood individually just like fingerprints, not one is a mistake. I found Him in the gardinia plant... the fragrance is Him, the deep green of life is Him and sweet to take in. And I went on from there loving Him.

As we drove up to the rec center for our morning workout, the Lord had a surprise for us. I was thinking how grey a day it was. The rain spitting on us intermittently. And there in the tree were balloons, bright and cheery. So out of place in that tree with no leaves. A gift for my eyes from the Lord.

Then I took this picture of my cousin's son, Issac. (That's the way they spell it) This made me think of how we are all connected to one another and nature. He's in the car ready to go home for a nap. But the reflection of the tree caught my attention. In the picture he and the tree look to be one. We are one with our Lord and each other as His body.

Today has been a day of seeing the Lord or seeing the Lord's hand move. I love days like this. Keep them coming Lord!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Perfect Fit

Hi All! I've had a very busy Christmas/New Year Season. My son, Aaron got married on December 30th. I love the woman that he married, and I love her family. Her name is Nicole. Nicole's mom told a story and then her maid of honor also told the same story... Nicole knew she was going to marry Aaron after their first date. That's kinda cool to me because after I met Dan, I knew I was going to marry him. I told his brother, Andy and my best friend. It's like you find your perfect fit. That's the way I feel about Dan, and I bet Nicole feels the same way about Aaron.

Thanks Lord for our perfect fits.