Thursday, August 14, 2008

God is in control

All of creation is a symphony and God is the conductor. Thank you Father for your beautiful music!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Baby

This is Nicole, my daughter-in-law. She's pregnant!!! No one could ask for a better daughter. She is fun, smart, cute and best of all she truly loves Aaron, my son. I love her.
She invited me to go with her and Aaron and her mother, Gloria, to the birthing center to hear the baby's heart beat. This is the outside of the center. It's so cute and has a little park right next door.

At the birthing center every time a baby is born there, they put the baby's foot prints on the wall. Where you see groups of prints, those are siblings that have all been born in the center.

This is a picture of the birthing room. Nicole said that she wants to have an underwater birth. The midwife told her that she can do what ever she wants to. In fact they encourage the daddy to catch the baby. Aaron said he wasn't sure about doing that, so Gloria and I quickly volunteered for the job. We can share.

Here's a picture of Nicole and Gloria at the birthing center. I am so thankful to my Lord that Aaron married such a wonderful girl. And her family is wonderful too. Thanks Lord.