Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yucky Stuff

Friday I go in for another surgery. I'm not happy about it, but I'm ready to be done with it. So here comes another two weeks (at least) that I won't be able to function properly. I'm so tired of being abnormal. I want to go back to being a regular person that can do regular things. And my poor husband. Oh my gosh, he has to be on overload, because he is going to be doing everything AGAIN. He never complains about it. I just know that it's hard to do it all.

Well, I've said all that to say, I probably won't be blogging for a while, but I'll be back.

Thanks Lord for this day and every day to come. You are each and every moment.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Our Thanksgiving this year was alot of fun with extended family. We talked and laughed, some watched the football game and some played taboo. My soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Nicole, made the Turkey. It was very good, I'm impressed! I met Nicole's mom and sisters, Gloria, Erin and Aimee. They came all the way from Okalahoma to be with us. All of them are a delight. Dan's mom, Helen, and his sister and brother-in-law, Denise and Don came. And I'm so glad they did. My Gramie and brother and sister-in-law, Ben and Annette (soon to be grandparents) were there with one of their daughters and her husband, Tiffany and Miquel (soon to be a mom and dad). And Bob and Sylvia came. We always have fun with them. We had way too much food and ATE way too much food. We had a good time together. Later that evening some of us went to see Happy Feet. That was fun also.

I am thankful for all these people in my life Lord. I am also thankful to still have a mom and dad that love me very much. You can never have too much family! They are the ones that love you anyway. Just like you do Lord. There are more than just the ones that I have named. There are some that had other dinners to go to. And they are loved also. Thanks again Lord for all these people I love, you are amazing!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Really Fast Trip

Some of us from the Church in Arlington went on a trip to Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend. It was a whirl wind trip. With a van rented we left Arlington, Texas on Friday at noon and drove to Pennsicola, Florida. It was about midnight when we stopped at a hotel. There were many bathroom stops in between there.

The next morning we were off again. This time for only 4 to 5 hours. When we reached Jacksonville the brothers went to thier meeting while we (the sisters) went to Ponte Vedra to visit my mom and dad.

My dad is there being tested by the Mayo Clinic for a lung and liver transplant. He has gotten on the liver transplant list but still waiting to find out about the lung transplant.

After visiting for a while, we (mom too, dad wanted to rest) took off for the beach. Annette had never been to the East Coast before. We all had a blast looking for shells and little souvenirs. Mom's cell phone rang and it was Ben asking that we come back to the Jax neighborhood. So back we headed with all our treasures in hand.

It was the sister's turn to have a meeting. The brothers went to Ponte Vedra to visit with mom and dad.

A couple of hours past and the brothers were back to pick us up for the long ride back to Arlington. But before leaving the sister's in Jax had made sack lunches for each of us for the long ride back. Thank you sister's for your thoughtfulness. With sack lunches in hand there were hugs all around and we were off once again. We drove straight through this time so that people would have time to rest during Sunday before having to go back to work on Monday. We arrived in the Arlington neighborhood at 12:30pm. It was nice to be home. Although we had a terrific time.

Thanks Lord for keeping us safe in more ways than one.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Camping Out

This past weekend some of the church went camping. We had a blast. We sang, and ate, and fellowshipped all weekend long. Some of us rode bikes. Ben did all the cooking and cleaning. Except for Bob cleaning Sylvia. We laughed and told stories. Annette was in a tree again! We tryed to take a picture with the timer on the camera. I guess you can see how that turned out. We burned all of our expectations. Just gave them to the Lord so that He can have what He wants in a meeting. After all it is for Him that we come together. All of it was alot of fun! Even the cold.
Thanks Lord for your body!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Today is my Grandmother's birthday!!! She's 89!!! Woohoo! Happy Birthday Gramie! I love you!

This woman is amazing. She walks a mile every morning. And then every other day goes to the gym with me and Sylvia and works out. She lifts weights! She calls it pumping iron. I think she says it that way to make us all laugh. There's not much that slows her down. Thank you Lord for Gramie and her health!

Monday, September 25, 2006


We have spent several months on Galatians now. I'm starting to understand the reason for spending so much time in one place. Just when you think there can't be anymore... there's more.

I have learned that there is freedom in Jesus Christ, and that the freedom He gives is to be given away. By taking freedom, one takes someone elses freedom. But if someone gives you freedom, you have taken no one's freedom. So the body of Christ does exactly what she sees the Father and the Son do... Give freedom. I have found that giving away my liberty increases my liberty. Just as everything else given to us by the Lord increases when given away.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Missing you Vancouver

Some things are just amazing. Here are some pictures of 6 women from Vancouver, Washington (along with the women in Arlington, Texas) that are parts of churches that have never met until February 2006. The amazing part is that instantly we were like family. Here's 12 to 15 women all in agreement on one thing and that's the Lord. These women come from different backgrounds, different age groups, different religious upbringings, different hobbies, different ages of children. Yet what binds them together... no, draws them to one another is the love of a living, breathing, holy Lord. A Lord and creator found inside of one another. The whole weekend was full of discovery. We learned names and habits and likes and dislikes of one another. We ate and slept, laughed and cried, stepped into unexplored territory together. And when they were gone... it was like there was part of ourselves missing. I hope that some day soon the sisters in Arlington can go to Vancouver and for a short time to be reunited with our missing parts.

Love to all of you. Wish you were here. All praise to our Amazing Lord, Jesus!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Well, I've had 4 people tell me that I've been tagged. So here it is.

Four Jobs I've had:

pharmacy tech
medical records transcriber/tech
assistant manager for furniture rental company

Four movies I'd watch over and over again:

The Great Race
The Matrix
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Real Genius

Four Places I've Lived:

New York

Four TV shows I love to watch:

Gilmore Girls
Last of the Summer Wine

Four Websites I visit daily:

none daily, but I frequent... Goody's blog
Sarah's blog
Annette's blog
Nicole's blog... and lots of others

Four places I've been on Vacation:

Niagra Falls
Paris, France
Jasper, Arkansas
Stuttgart, Germany

Four foods I love:

Colter's onion rings
chicken tortilla soup
egg custard
snickers candy bars...
but these are subject to change on a whim

Four places I'd rather be:

I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than where I am right now, but I do want to visit Alaska some day

anybody that wants to do this