Monday, May 28, 2007

A surprise for the Church

At our most recent meeting of the Church in Arlington, we spoke of being sheep and knowing the Shepherds voice. And how the sheep aren't concerned with anything except the Shepherd. One may wonder off ... but the Shepherd is the one to go out and get the one that wondered off. The Shepherd breaks the legs of the one that keeps wondering off. The Shepherd leads His flock to still waters because the sheep will drown in running water. The Shepherd digs a pool beside the running water so that the sheep will have still water to drink. There are many more things that the Sheperd does.

Then we open a package that we recieved from the Church in Saint Paul. And in it is a letter, a DVD, some Belgian hot chocolate, some pictures with poetry about the Wizard of Awes, some packing paper telling us who we are in Christ, and a Lamb cookie cutter.

So the next night we got together to watch the DVD, drink Belgian hot chocolate and make lamb sugar cookies (Actually Robbin made all of them. But we watched). Here's a picture of some of us in the kitchen. What a wonderful time in the Lord!

Thank you Saint Paul, you are a blessing to us!
Thank you Lord for Saints like these, and sister Churches!