Friday, January 23, 2009

Psalm 23 turned into prayer

Recently some of the sisters got together to turn Psalm 23 into prayer. This one is written by my daughter-in-law. How I love her!

My Salvation, You take my hand and fulfill all.

You show me rest, and comfort and peace.

You guide me in timelessness, you remind me to let go.

You open my eyes to the only reality.

All to fulfill your purpose, my Salvation, our unity.

Away from tangible reminders, confronted with false visions, empty problems, baseless fear.

I know them to be illusion, ghosts anchored in time.

The mountain pasture is still my only concern.

I still see the true nature of myself, unhindered and unconfined, yours alone.

Menacing with their semblance of existence these hollow ghosts make their presence known again and again.

We don't acknowledge their non-existence- you rejoice in reminding me of their defeat. I remember, I see only you, I am overwhelmed with you.

We celebrate forever that I have always been with you.