Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Medieval Feast

Being a teacher's aide is an interesting job. I've really been enjoying my job.

Right before spring break, we had a medieval feast. (This is where we are in history class.) At the feast we ate beef stew, bangers (sausage dogs) on bread plates (called trenchers) with assorted fruits and cheeses.

After we ate, we held a tournament where the girls were the princesses and the boys were the knights of a princess's court.

The knights made their swords, shields, armour in class a few weeks before. The princesses made their scepters, jewelry, and hats in class a fee weeks earlier.

Now for the competition! We had archery, sword handling, catapult launching, and jousting. Our kids had a blast. So did the parents and teachers!

Now the children know what a knight did for his royalty. And what royalty did. They know from experience what they ate in those times and how they played.

I love my job! Thanks Lord!